How are you preserving your data?

It is a fact of life that data can be corrupt or lost. It might be malicious, accidental, theft, environmental or one of many other reasons.

KLB systems recommends Synology & StorageCraft solutions for your on-premise and cloud data recovery.

StorageCraft ShadowProtect products feature the following for on premise data recovery:

  • Cross-Platform System Protection
    Protect Windows & Linux systems, whether physical or virtual, with one backup software solution.
  • Storage-Agnostic
    With ShadowProtect you are not limited in hardware, if you already have network backup storage you do not need to purchase new hardware to use the ShadowProtect software
  • Hypervisor Support
    Shadow protect supports Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESX/ESXi, Red Hat EV plus many more
  • Scheduling & Testing
    Backups can be run regularly even while users are on the system and they will not notice. They can be set for intervals that matter to your business. Backups can also be set for automatic image testing to ensure that they will work when they need to be accessed
  • Replication
    Backups can be replicated anywhere. A local device, remote server, data centers, third party cloud or even the StorageCraft Cloud. KLB systems can offer a limited liability replication point for your data
  • Migration
    StorageCraft can be used to move a physical or virtual system to a new machine with minimal loss of up-time and regardless of your hardware choice.


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