Simplify your network with Riverbed & Xirrus WiFi

Networks always start out well thought of and planned out, however over time with different requirements and providers networks become a mix-match of various components, vendors and technology which can lead to network performance and security issues.

KLB systems recommends Riverbed & XIrrus WiFi products for unifying your network into one easy to manage configuration which can be managed either by your in-house IT team or by KLB systems.

Capabilities include:

  • End user experience monitoring
  • Anti-virus & internet site access management
  • Quick scalability, just drop in a new access point or switch as needed with minimal time required configure
  • Optimised for Office 365, AWS & Azure
  • Site to site tunneling with our preferred communications provider
  • Mesh WiFi for no-drop WiFi access in buildings and between buildings
  • WiFi access control for separating guest networks, authorized users (can be integrated with Office 365 & Azure AD) and more
  • Full reporting available to management team to show network use and allow business decisions to be made

Riverbed and Xirrus products are cost effective both upfront and in long term costings and we would be happy to do a review on your current network and propose a change to Riverbed with Xirrus WiFI.

Contact us now to discuss.

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