Managed E-mail Protection

For most small businesses, e-mail filtering and protection is something not thought about because most solutions offered are installed on local systems and need to be maintained.

With MPmail available from KLB systems, we take the hassle of managing these systems away from you and allow you to focus on running your business.

MPmail Advanced Threat Protection at a glance

The Threat

Ransomware has increased sharply since the beginning of 2016: these are viruses that cripple the
computer or an entire network by encrypting the locally stored files. It is only by paying a ransom – hence the name – that users have a chance to access their data again

URL re-writing

The URL rewriting engine secures all Internet
calls from emails via the MPweb filter.
In the process, the sandbox engine also
analyses downloads.

URL Scanning

A document (such as PDF, Microsoft Office)
attached to an email may contain links which
cannot be replaced, as this would violate the
integrity of the document.

The engine leaves the document in its original
form and only checks the target links.


Emails that cannot immediately be clearly
classified but look suspicious are retained for
a short period by freezing. A further test is
later performed with updated signatures.
Protects against ransomware, blended attacks
and phishing attacks.


Attachments are carried out in a variety of
system environments and their behaviour
analysed. If it turns out to be malware, you are
notified. Protects against ransomware
and blended attacks.

Targeted Fraud Forensics

Targeted fraud forensics detects targeted
personalised attacks without malware or links.
– Intention recognition
– Identify spoofing
– Feign facts & attack detection

Ex Post Alerting

Through continuous rescanning of delivered
emails, we are notified of any threats that
have been delivered in retrospect providing an
opportunity to contain a potentially dangerous

MPmail is available on a monthly per user base keeping it affordable and scaleable as your business grows.

For more information please contact us and we will be glad to help you get protected quickly.